Jeff's American Classics

Enroute to Cali via the coast we stopped in to see Jeff Coffman in Dundee Oregon. He's not only an early HD specialist with tons of vintage rare knuckle and panhead parts but he's almost what most would consider a curator of some of the finest machinary I have ever seen under one roof. We rolled in 5 mins till him closing and he gave us the 4 hour grand tour with stories for days, Jeff is as solid as it comes, great guy great parts great day.
the front area has tons of og bits and pieces 
Couves smile pretty much sums her up
rows of knuckles
everythings for sale
a springer graveyard
pans and thangs
his original knuckle tracker
i managed to scoop a pair of 1" rabbits outta this mess, original wrapping and decals from 1974
this is about a fifteenth of his springers for sale
gold to be found in every nook and cranny


i figured out the password

 ha what an idiot, locked myself out for over a year...lots o' catching up to do haha


Banger n' Mash

for no lack of trying, sleeping on cardboard in east van alleys and 300 plus kicks crazy chems trump didnt want to tag along to disaster days, truly a disaster of a day for the ole english breakfast


As shes gettin the crap kicked out of her now..only left me stranded once for 5 hours due to the coil shittin' the bed in the sticks and ruining my weekend away with the boys..ah well dialed now, for now hah


bens tins on the drying rack

"what do you mean its not black?"
Snarls Barkley
went with some "F-Lames" for a bit on the pan

t-rad's vintage ceruleum

sorry for partyin, back in the day


Fathers day n slay

Big ups Pops miss ya and happy birthday to boot! You not being here is bullshit, true story.
This is somewhere under the paint that's on there now, probably should of stayed close to this, hindsight is 20/20.Tranny's back together, clutch in, front end together,mostly buttoned up. A few more days and a seat delivery,...this bird gets its wings.
Wifes got the ribz on lockdown
Dude, Doyles cat.


mini update

 lil bit o'hours into the pan. put a base flake down on the temporary tank,,,to my better judgment! got a sneaky peek at the surgery to my drag specialties seat courtesy of Dan, lookin rad holmezzz, starting to get into the clutch kicker problems
Crazy homie G from parksville sent me this pic of him gettin some over the top air to flat in his handbuilt deathtrap
T-rex surfin some back roads of mish


Raw Doggin'

Did a tin set for my buddy Ben's shovel that's rounding the home stretch. Some mixed candies over bare spun metal and a cap. kinda tricky but we limped it over the finish line


Swap Meet Louie

Well thinkin about hockin some stuff at the Tsawwassen Swap with the Megadowntowners, stuff I don't want, meeting stuff they don't want, for the first time..pretty exciting! Come and huck some twenz at a brother if you need some 80's chopper run-off ...and the van's outta insurance on Saturday, perf..


Pomona Roadster Show

couple pics from the pomona show, rad stuff


deadlines loom...tensions flair...

gettin some work done on the old Pan-T-Raider this week, here and there. New shoes on, new front end cleaned up and installed, rewired pretty much everything, some intake work etc. also got the tins almost ready to paint and Dside Dan is comin' for the seat pan this weekend to get that all squared away. Moves are being made,temperature is climbing, it sucks that it takes a few days of sun around here to kick me into gear.


Shop Van Concept

messing with the van in photoshop before gettin too busy with her, this was pretty loose and it always flows much better in real life with tape in hand but ones things for sure I need 4 dimaond windows hahaha good luck!..i like the double diamond cause it was my dads favorite british beer in england and when he moved here he named all his shit DD, it was also his CB handle for years back in the day, miss ya everday KFJ

metal trinkets

some pretty cool rabbit z's from the NF guys at the angels swap, think 40 beans, were heading for the pan but there perfect on the "Astro Skum" diggerthinger

an old caa cast badge found in my dads stashkinda rad but could get radder
bunch of twisted sisters and reject puss bars