Jeff's American Classics

Enroute to Cali via the coast we stopped in to see Jeff Coffman in Dundee Oregon. He's not only an early HD specialist with tons of vintage rare knuckle and panhead parts but he's almost what most would consider a curator of some of the finest machinary I have ever seen under one roof. We rolled in 5 mins till him closing and he gave us the 4 hour grand tour with stories for days, Jeff is as solid as it comes, great guy great parts great day.
the front area has tons of og bits and pieces 
Couves smile pretty much sums her up
rows of knuckles
everythings for sale
a springer graveyard
pans and thangs
his original knuckle tracker
i managed to scoop a pair of 1" rabbits outta this mess, original wrapping and decals from 1974
this is about a fifteenth of his springers for sale
gold to be found in every nook and cranny

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